Here is a (work in progress) index of my projects.

Currently Developing

Here are the things I'm currently working on.

  • WebLeague - A software for automatically managing DOTA2 web tournaments with a bot system for setting up and tracking Steam Game Coordinator lobbies. Supports a ELO ranking system, leaderboards, user profiles, an extensive chat system, challenge and quick match modes. Assigns games to a tournament and fetches data in real-time to be stored for later analysis.
  • DotaReplay - A webapp to submit DOTA 2 replays to DotaCinema, the largest YouTube channel for the game. When users submit match IDs, the system queries the DOTA 2 Game Coordinator for data about the match, downloads the replay file, and stores it on the Amazon cloud. Finally, a PC client plays the replay in the reviewer's client.
  • VTOL PixHawk Code - Currently investigating algorithms for controlling vertical takeoff and landing for small autonomous UAVs. Other current areas of development are: microprocessors, image processing for hover and landing flight, cell-network communication, distributed control, mobile control apps, autonomous recharging and task management, and collaborative mapping.
  • Fluent Ground Control System - A networked intuitive solution for ground control of any kind of autonomous craft. Supports user written plugins to define control language to nearly any possible autopilot system.

Stack Overflow

I sometimes answer questions on Stack Overflow.

UAV Project

Currently I am continuing my work on my three year civilian UAV project, and will soon start an autonomous hyrbid tricopter-uav aerobot project. I have no formal writeups of these projects yet, but will be making some posts on here soon.

2014 - Web Projects

During 2014 I've primarily been delving into the production of large scale distributed web services, and reverse engineering existing large-scale systems.

  • D2Moddin - 174,000 unique users platform distributed over multiple server networks with around 900-1200 concurrent users 24/7, 8 dedicated servers, 4 virtual servers, and a complex system I wrote to network it all.
  • SubGames -Allow streamers to easily play with their followers. 1.2k user peak concurrency. The system interfaces with the DOTA2 and Steam network to set up games autonomously. The repository includes the web app; I haven't published the network backend code yet as some of it is exclusive to my other projects.
  • EVE Fleet Waitlist - Live data collection from the EVE Online MMO in-game browser used for a waitlist for incursion fleets as well as character tracking and analysis. Developed various Meteor components for this app, and improved compatability in core components.
  • Koding Hackathon - Created data visualizations for environmental issues. Developed a system for beautiful page transitions in Meteor and learned about WebGL with a 3D leaf animation.

2014 - Misc Projects

  • HTML5 in CryEngine - A web renderer for a 3D game engine.
  • AngularJS - No specific article for this one, but I have been doing a lot of learning around Angular.
  • AirNet - An attempt at a p2p communication network system. Will be revisited at a later date.


I have numerous projects I haven't yet written about here, that will be filled in in the future.

  • Matrix Server - A system for networking a system across an arbitrary amount of hardware.
  • EVESpace - A webapp for the game EVE Online that tracks players in space and uses the data to map unknown "wormhole space".
  • EVEMap - A webapp for the game EVE Online that displays in-game solar systems in a force-directed graph;
  • EVESystemJSON - Converts complex data from the EVE online database dump into browser-friendly JSON files.
  • EagleEye - A hack for the Arma 2 version of the popular "DayZ" survival game. Uses out-of-game memory pattern scanning and analysis to calculate player and loot positions and types, relay this information to a remote server, and display it in the web browser.
  • D2IScripts - Webapp to provide DOTA 2 lua script bundles. Users select the scripts they want, and the system minifies them all and provides a compressed download bundle.
  • D2Solo - DOTA 2 ranked 1v1 matchmaking service. Almost immediately replaced by an official implementation from the game developers.

Meteor Project

I've contributed a lot of code to the Meteor project, which I have yet to detail on my site.

Before 2014

I have yet to write about my projects from before about a year ago, but they generally covered the topics of web design, robotics code, networking, machine learning, computer vision, ROS simulation and control, and automatic reverse VPN tunneling for worldwide robots.

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